Around the year 1700, Isaac Newton discovered that sunlight contains a colorful potpourri of visible wavelengths in the colors violet, blue, green, yellow and red. Today we know that sunlight also contains invisible ultraviolet rays (< 350 nanometers) and warming infrared radiation (700 – 2500 nanometers). And even this is just a small part of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

It is this broad spectrum of light under which life on Earth has formed and evolved. Sunlight has accompanied our evolution for three billion years – and various organisms and life forms have employed the energy of the Sun to grow and flourish.

Though exciting, this is only the first chapter of a spectacular story. Today we are not only able to use the Sun as a source of energy through solar cells, but we can use the same technology the other way around – and transform electric energy into light.

Our technology enables every spectral section of sunlight to shine individually. This is pure gold for evolution, as every wavelength range has its own potential to start physical and biological processes. Infrared heats up matter. Visible light influences the formation of plant substances. Ultraviolet photons split chemical compounds.



QANDILO develops LED lighting modules with up to 16 different spectral ranges. Our prototypes enable research into the biological effects of light in order to selectively activate physiological processes and thus open up evolutionary possibilities.


Light is created when an electrical charge starts to move and sets flowing wave packets of energy into motion.

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QANDILO is a crew of people with bright ideas. We develop product strategies and prototypes for our partners and customers on a project-by-project basis.

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Innovative LED technologies open up new possibilities to stimulate and control natural physiological processes precisely.

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