QANDILO is a crew of bright minds. For our customers and partners we develop product strategies and prototypes on project-by-project basis. Contact us. We´ll make your eyes shine.



Oscar Gaete is a systems engineer with more than ten years of experience in the development of electronic communication and control applications. Dr Gaete has worked in all relevant areas of product development for the consumer electronics market, from system design to validation and rollout. He has led several interdisciplinary teams and has special expertise in optical communication technologies. As a participant in several R&D projects, he has published in international scientific journals, presented at conferences, and is author of three granted international patents.

Dr. Oscar Gaete is responsible for product development at QANDILO, and maintains contact with industry and research institutions.


Axel Rabenstein is a freelance journalist and communications expert with 20 years of professional experience. As an editor, he has worked with several newspaper companies such as the Berliner Morgenpost, WELT am Sonntag, BILD and BILD am Sonntag among others. As a parliamentary correspondent he reported from Berlin as well as from worldwide crisis areas such as Kuwait, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Currently, he serves as creative director of an international agency group providing copywriting services, new-brand development, funding support of start-up companies and executing marketing activities for numerous renowned customers such as Adidas, Cisco and Samsung.

At QANDILO, Axel Rabenstein is responsible for the company’s executive management and brand management as well as market research, PR and communications.



Manuel Schröpfer is an engineer and financial controller with more than 15 years of professional experience. Currently, he is Chief Financial Officer of an AG, where he is responsible for the key performance-based monitoring of the company group and its subsidiaries. His expertise includes accounting, project controlling, financial and liquidity planning, as well as the preparation of annual financial statements. He also has experience in currency management.

Manuel Schröpfer supports QANDILO’s executive office with responsibility for the financial department.